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             TOBACCO USE ONLY!

We have a huge selection of glass pipes starting at $8.99, Glass Steam Rollers starting at $9.99, Bubblers  at $16.99, Water Pipes starting at $19.99.
California "PURE" glass pipes starting at $27.99 & California "PURE" water pipes at $69.99.

IMG 0136We have the NEW 7 PIPE PRO, with a zinc alloy shell, magnetic back plate with built in stash container, it has a hand blown glass bowl and stem built into the alloy shell, this pipe has a built in lighter and a slide cover to keep your tobacco in place.

We have the click a toke in stock. It is a butane torch/Pipe. ideal for boarding, riding, camping or any outdoor activity.

IMG 0130

We carry screen buddies, wood pipes, chillums, hammers, sherlocks, peanuts, color change pipes, water filled pipes, glass stems, percolators, vapes, trash cans, a variety of animal shaped glass pipes, light up water pipes, acrylic water pipes with metal stems,glass bowls, double bubble glass bowls,sneak a tokes, metal pipes, grinders, double bubblers, triple bubblers and even quad bubblers.

Volcano vapes, down stems with diffusers, in line percs, local glass, RYO filling station, glass on glass pieces. We got it all.

We have a huge inventory of smoking accessories to choose from and new product coming in weekly.

So if you're looking for a particular piece or a special cigar, stop by the store or give us a call and we will do our best to accomadate you.